3K 4K And 5K Mechanical Tappet Cam Profiles

Just a few of the more popular performance cam profiles Kennelly Cams have available for the ever popular Toyota K series engines.

Don't see the grind you want. We have many more profiles available or can do custom designs. Click to contact us now.

Profile Duration @ .050" Cam Lift
Cam Lift Valve Lift @ 1.5 Rocker Ratio Application
M2 212-216 .265"-.260" .398"-.390" Great mid-range performer suits sporty daily driver. Will run stock valve springs.
KC276 228-232 .280"-.280" .420"-.420" Very lumpy idle on single carb engines. Requires significant carb tuning. Excellent mid-range torque with side draughts.
M29 236-240 .290"-.295" .435"-.443" Great allround cam with side draughts. Very easy on parts for engines getting abused a lot. Suit Fast Road - Club rally/race.
M41 240-248 .305"-.303" .458"-.455" A bit more aggressive than M29
M48 248-248 .305"-.305" .458"-.458" Great Rally Cam
M26a 250-258 .313"-.323" .470"-.485" Serious Race Cam
MS16 262-262 .318"-.318" .477"-.477" Ultimate Race Cam